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Our bingo rooms are loaded with progressive jackpot prizes. See below for where you can find them, the prizes that are available and how you could win.


90 Ball Jackpots


Crown Jewel

This bingo jackpot starts at a sparkling £5,000 and then grows every day until that special winner calls full house in 29 balls or less. Once it’s won we re-set it to £5,000 and the fun starts all over again! The Crown Jewel Jackpot is available in the Royal Court room. The jackpot prize, when won, is shared by all players in the winning game. The full house winner takes half the prize and the other half is shared between everyone else!

Cash Blaster

Enjoy a fast-paced race to the jackpot in the Ruby Rush room! We set this progressive bingo jackpot at £5,000 and it increases every day until it’s won. Get Full House in 29 balls or less and you can take home half of the jackpot; the other half of the jackpot will be shared by players who have bought tickets to the winning round

75 Ball Jackpots


Big Apple

A progressive bingo jackpot with a minimum £5,000 prize, which can be won by calling the full house in 42 balls or less! The prize increases daily if there’s no winner. This tasty jackpot is available in the Americano room.

Sky High

This progressive bingo jackpot starts at £2,500 and increases every day until it’s won on a full house call of 42 balls or less! Climb your way to this jackpot in the Cloud Nine room.

80 Ball Bingo Jackpot


Nifty £250

A super fixed jackpot of £250 is up for grabs when you play bingo in Different Strokes. The first player to call a full house in 36 balls or less will win the prize!

Joker Jackpots


Joker Jackpot

A fixed prize of £500 is ready to be won when a winner calls a hand in 16 cards or less.

Super Joker Jackpot

A progressive jackpot with a minimum prize of £10,000 that grows daily! It’s all yours if you win a hand in 14 cards or less, but the last card called must be a Joker!



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